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Make sure to visit us at booth #2H10 in hall 2 to explore our latest advancements in secondary pharma packaging, sustainability commitments, and innovative solutions for an agile and flexible supply chain.

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? 24-26 October
? Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain

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Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Once again, our last Customer Satisfaction Survey showed a great result, many improved areas and we ended at the same level as last years all-time high result, on the Overall assessment of MM Eson Pac.


We are very proud with the great positive development of the result this year, and want even more.


Thus we have set new challenging targets for next year as our ambition is to continue to improve in all areas to be the supplier all our valued customers deserve.


Sustainability is at the core of our business. To support our customers to achieve ambitious goals in this area we are playing a essential role to provide more sustainable solutions.

In the video we present an example for inspiration of a fiber based solution that can replace different types of existing inlays made of plastic.

This is just one of many possible alternatives to find more sustainable solutions. Please contact us for further discussions on how we together further can develop the solutions for the future.

Our everyday life, the reality for future generations!

To create a sustainable future for us and our planet, there needs to be a switch to 100 percent renewable energy and completely stop the usage of fossil fuels. There is a need for this important change on a global level, within all sectors, where everyone takes its share of responsibility.

As part of our sustainability work, we have for the past 2 years completely switched to renewable energy in all our Swedish operations. And we can proudly announce that we have ensured renewable electricity for our Danish operations as well. This means that ALL our energy consumption to all factories now comes from renewable sources and our CO2 emissions will be reduced by another 500 tons per year.

Mårten Frostne
CEO MM Eson Pac 



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We are Pharma Packaging Specialists

We have expert competence in all aspects of producing and delivering packaging solutions to the pharma supply chain.

Pharma is our passion; our ambition is to have extensive knowledge of the industry and relevant insights regarding our customers’ context and the end-users.
This enables us to ensure high quality in everything we do, and always deliver what was promised.

We love being part of this existing world, and continuously improve our solutions and processes to stay on top of it.

We always have the best of our customers and the end-users in mind and heart.

Understanding each of our customers’ situation is core for us. That way we can innovate and move ahead together with them.


The Pharma industry – a world in constant change

The population in the world is growing.
A higher share of older people and increased chronical diseases is creating a higher demand for healthcare and new innovative pharmaceutical products.
New regulatory demands and legislations are also adding challenges to the pharma supply chain.

The Falsified Medicine Directive has direct consequences for our customers.  Examples  like increased complexity and decreasing batch-sizes are driving innovation in both processes and products, now and in the future.

Our competence and experience in producing and delivering pharma supply chain solutions are available to our customers to support the needed innovation to develop the needed solutions for the future.

By investing in new technology and competence, we make sure we always are in the forefront. Our way of working is characterised by the fact that we seek knowledge, we are professional, we are passionate and we embrace. We believe that by continuing to work in this way we have great possibility to reach our vision; to safeguard human life through competence fuelled packaging.